Datorer för användning i de finska skogarna (Engelska)


In order to optimize the use of the raw material and reduce administration costs, Metsäliitto is using rugged computers for their warehouse systems.

Metsäliitto is the tenth largest forest industry group in the world. Their five business areas include wood supply, wood products, pulp, paper, board and tissue and cooking paper. Metsäliitto’s yearly sales exceeds 9.3 billion euros. With 25,000 employees, the Metsäliitto Group operates in 30 countries and is a cooperative organization for Finnish forest owners with more than 131,000 members.

A warehousing approach for the forest
In order to optimize the use of the raw material and reduce administration costs, Metsäliitto is using a warehouse approach to optimize logistics in procurement. Warehouse systems are used to obtain the best goods at the best prices and with market changes, this requires instant access to inventory and suppliers. The forest is regarded as the primary storage which Metsäliitto’s system supervises, from seedlings to mature trees ready for harvesting. The next storage space is the stack of timber and pulpwood which the harvesters and forwarders have produced. When loaded on a truck, a storage rack is created. Finally, when the wood is transported and unloaded at the plants, it becomes storage of raw material inventory.

Computers in all vehicles
In order to make the necessary reporting of wood movements between storage places, rugged mobile computers are used in about 1,300 harvesters, forwarders and trucks. This investment paves the way to shorter lead-times, improves cash-to-cash cycles, and reduces administration work. Above all, tremendous improvements in utilization of the raw material are achieved. The system facilitates use of an optimal selection of growing trees for specific customer requirements.


Only benefits - no drawbacks!
By the use of rugged mobile computers the forest owner’s benefit from inventory control of their trees, the possibility to get paid for better quality and lower transportation costs. The plants tie up less capital for storage, lower their costs for administration, improve utilization of raw material and shorten lead-times for orders. The transport companies gets accurate information of where and how much to load and where to unload. The PC’s also assists in reducing CO2, as transporters can maximize their loads which means less miles driven.

Delivering equipment built from ground up to withstand the harsh environments of the forestry industry for over 20 years
Working in forestry and timber operations means working in extremely harsh environments. It takes a special kind of worker with special equipment to get the job done reliably and efficiently, often under tough conditions. More than 20 years ago, JLT Mobile Computers developed a new kind of rugged PC specifically for the forestry industry – it’s where we got our start. Roughly 100,000 rugged computers later, companies big and small have been relying on JLT Mobile Computers for delivering the highest in quality, reliability and performance for enterprise-level computing in harsh environments. Whether it is timber cruising, log scaling, forwarding or milling, we can handle just about anything Mother Nature or workers throw at us at a surprisingly affordable price with global support. productimage

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Optimerade färdrutter med hjälp av stryktåliga datorer

Det svenska lantbrukskooperativet Lantmännen, en av Europas ledande aktörer inom lantbruk, maskin, bioenergi och livsmedel, använder stryktåliga datorer från JLT i sina lastbilar för planering och optimering av färdrutter för att på så vis hålla kostnaderna nere och minimera miljöpåverkan.

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100 000 levererade datorer

JLT har från starten varit en pionjär på marknaden för stryktåliga, så kallade "ruggade" datorer och har sedan dess varit med och format dess utveckling genom att ständigt sträva efter att leverera högkvalitativa datorer som överträffar kundernas förväntningar. 20+ Years in Business – Because it Works!

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