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JLT provides rugged, reliable, high-performance computers that keep downtime to a minimum. Wide operating temperatures and outstanding wash-down capabilities to facilitate cleaning make JLT computers a perfect fit for use in the food and beverage industry.

Right goods to the right recipient at the right time

A well-known challenge in the food and beverage industry is to get the right goods to the right recipient at the right time. Managing business critical information reliably throughout the supply chain is essential for correct deliveries and enables full traceability from field to food shelf. Tough environments and tight regulations put special demands on the equipment that is used. JLT provides the most rugged and reliable computers, perfectly suited for use in the food and beverage industry.


Hygienic design for enhanced cleanability

Keeping the environment sterile and hygienically safe is of great importance within food production and there are many food safety legislations and programs to follow. As this requires thorough wash-down procedures several times a day the equipment used must withstand tough external strains. The ruggedness of JLT products ensures they can be washed for disinfection without suffering any damage. With the new PowerTouchTM display technology from JLT the screen is integrated with the casing, giving it a flush front that is easy to keep clean.


Reliable solutions yield lowest total cost of ownership

As access to business critical information is crucial in food logistics and unplanned downtime can be very costly, choosing reliable equipment will give the lowest total cost of ownership for your IT investment. Buying non-rugged or low-performance products for use in the food industry might reduce the initial investment, but will most likely result in net losses due to operational interruption and high maintenance costs. JLT's high-performance computers are constructed from the bottom up for maximum reliability and long life in extreme environments, securing uninterrupted information access and keeping downtime to a minimum.

JLT Food & Beverage

The brightness and clarity of the PowerTouch display, along with the ability to develop custom soft keyboards, make JLT computers easy to use for the operator, thus greatly increasing productivity and further reducing total cost of ownership.


Serving the food and beverage industry

The computers from JLT are today successfully used in several segments of the food and beverage industry, including food production, grocery wholesale, foodservice distribution and refrigerated and cold storage warehousing. As one of the leading developers of rugged computers in the industry, JLT is listed among the top 100 food logistics IT providers by Food Logistics Magazine. The computers have a wide operating temperature, are condensation proof and freezer rated to function in warm and cold environments as well as where temperatures may drastically change, e.g. going in and out of freezer storage. To suit specific customer needs, JLT offers a choice of configuration options and can where necessary deliver fully tailor-made solutions.


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