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Vehicle-mount computers

A device for every vehicle and use model

JLT1214P and JLT1214N 12″ rugged vehicle-mount computers

Reliable workhorses that deliver proven reliability and high value for a wide range of logistics vehicle types. Power supply options for installations in electrical forklifts or combustion-powered vehicles.

JLT6012 12″ rugged vehicle-mount computer

Our latest innovation – built to make it easy to integrate new technology, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and keep up-to-date with developments. Runs both Windows™ and Android™ operating systems.

VERSO Series rugged vehicle-mount computers

High-performance computers specifically developed for use in the harshest conditions, available in 15”, 12” and 10” display sizes. IP66 rated with Roxtec option on VERSO 12 and VERSO 15.

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