JLT Mobile Computers to Highlight the Importance of Rugged IT Solutions at Port & Terminal Technology Conference

Advanced, rugged computers coupled to virtually unbreakable touch screens offer the most effective solution for highly demanding applications in the harsh environment of port operations

Chandler, Arizona, US, 21st March 2017   * * *   JLT Mobile Computers, a leading developer and manufacturer of reliable computers for demanding environments, will be exhibiting and presenting at this year’s Port & Terminal Technology event in April in Norfolk, Virginia, US.

Illustrating why it has such a significant global presence in multiple, high-profile ports and terminals, JLT will be showcasing its Navis-ready validated rugged computers at booth 19. Designed from the ground up to deliver optimum operational capabilities in demanding applications, the JLT computers leverage the latest industrial components to offer leading performance. Thanks to their rugged construction and proven reliability they deliver long operational life, even in tough environmental conditions and from the hottest to the coldest temperatures.

Of particular interest to port and terminal operators are the virtually unbreakable touch screens available on several JLT computer models featuring the JLT PowerTouch™ display technology. These screens offer outstanding resistance to wear and tear, recognize touch input with gloves even in wet conditions, and reduce disruptive computer downtime. Combined with hardened glass, the deployment of capacitive touch screens offers a feature-rich user experience – typically seen in consumer device displays – but with unparalleled durability.

During the “Visions of the Future” session (session 6) at 11:50 on the 12th April, Chad Woodyatt, JLT Business Development Executive for Ports, will present “Capacitive touch screen technology gets fit for harsh port environments” and explain the technical details of the new implementation, as well as the compelling reasons for industrial customers to choose such hardened rugged screens.

JLT has a history of delivering the very best rugged computing technology, reflected in many of its important customer applications, including Ports America, the largest terminal operator and stevedore in the US; the Port of Gdansk, the Baltic’s only deep-water terminal; the Basra Gateway Terminal, operated by ICTSI; Exolgan, the main port operator in Argentina and member of the Global PSA; and terminal operator ITS. In all instances, rugged JLT technology has been chosen for its robustness, ease of use and integration capabilities. As the use of less robust hardware can cause unforeseen IT downtime, bringing major issues and increased costs, maximum reliability and suitability are paramount – especially when dealing with time-critical logistics operations. It is for these reasons that JLT is at the top of the list for port and terminal IT applications.



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Customer case

Route Optimization by Use of Rugged Computers

Lantmännen - the Swedish Farmers Supply and Crop Marketing Association has improved their efficiency by installing rugged PC computers from JLT Mobile Computers in their transportation trucks, showing real time data and giving optimized route information directly to the driver.

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