JLT Mobile Computers has evolved from a single customer company on a national basis to a world-leading manufacturer of rugged computers for extreme environments. The key milestones in the history of JLT Mobile Computers are found below.



Celebrating a significant milestone in the company history, from pioneer to a recognized leader in the high-end rugged computer market, JLT delivers the 100,000th unit with exclusive 100,000-hour warranty to Volvo Car Body Components. Furthermore, JLT is strengthening the global market presence and advancing the organization by new employments and expansion of the international partner network. In 2017, JLT initiates an ambitious marketing strategy and attends several major international trade shows, including SITL in Paris, an international transportation and logistics trade show, NAVIS World in San Francisco, a forum where logistics and IT managers from leading port operators worldwide gather, and ProMat in Chicago, the largest logistics and transportation trade show in the US.

The international JLT Global Sales Partner Program is launched to accelerate worldwide expansion. The new program unifies the company’s global network of value-add resellers and solution providers, and aims to supply partners with the tools and support necessary to win in the competitive market of rugged vehicle-mounted terminals. Also, JLT has great success in the port segment and signs several new customers throughout the year, including Exolgan the leading port terminal in Argentina, the leading international port operator ICTSI in Iraq, and DCT Gdansk, the largest container facility in Poland. 

JLT1214P logistics computer with virtually unbreakable touch screen, and the revolutionary JLT PowerTouch™ technology is launched. A new version of the VERSO+ 10, targeted for the logistics industry, is introduced to the market. The VERSO Series of rugged computers is upgraded with a new processor and validated as Navis Ready by Navis, leading provider of Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) to the port industry. The full range of JLT computers are available with Microsoft Windows 10.

JLT establishes its new JLT Partner Program for rugged computer specialists with the objective to provide the best solutions and local support in the industry. In 2011 JLT backs up its commitment to quality by extending the warranty to 3 years on all products. A strategy to become leading in the high-end market segments with best ruggedness, reliability and performance is launched in 2012. Also, the JLT:Care, a "no questions asked" service agreement to guarantee uptime of the JLT computers at a predictable cost, and JLT:Works professional services are launched. In 2013, the strategic focus on high-end market segments yields results and JLT’s profits increase, the market cap more than doubles during the year and JLT resumes paying dividend to its shareholders. Additionally, JLT launches the VERSO Series, the industry’s highest performance rugged computers for heavy-duty applications.

In 2014, JLT celebrates its 20-year anniversary, commemorating the event by delivering its 90,000th computer with a 20-year service agreement. JLT also opens the doors to its local US office in Arizona and takes over the US VMT operation of its sales partner DAP Technologies to form a wholly-owned US subsidiary. JLT now sells and services its products under the JLT-brand in North America. The strategically important US market represents almost half of the total JLT revenue. JLT launches the VERSO+ 10 computer, the smallest 10” rugged vehicle computer of its class with QuickLock function for greatest flexibility. 



In 2005, turnover and operating results continue to grow and JLT is named on numerous industry lists, including the Deloitte Technology 500, Red Herring 100 and Inc. 500 List of Fastest Growing Privately-Held Companies in America. The public interest in JLT shares increases heavily with raised stock value as a result. The JLT Mobile Computers US Corporation and DAP Technologies LTD merge to form Roper Mobile Technology, later called DAP Technologies. DAP Technologies is given the exclusive rights to resell the JLT products under its own brand on the US market. JLT continues to expand its European sales network, in 2006 all products are redesigned in order to meet the RoHS and WEEE directives.

The JLT1214 product series for logistics applications is launched in 2008, which has evolved to become the most cost-effective solution of its class. In the year of 2009 Per Holmberg joins JLT and succeeds founder Jan Olofsson as the CEO. Prior to his position at JLT, Per worked for 15 years at Xilinx Inc. (Nasdaq: XLNX), a semiconductor company based in Silicon Valley, California, where he held several marketing positions including Director Worldwide Marketing. Jan remains the largest owner and has an active position on the JLT boardpartners.

Growing rapidly, JLT is appointed as IT challenger of the year by Veckans Affärer, and in 2002 JLT becomes publicly traded on Nasdaq OMX, First North through a merger with Gandalf AB. JLT expands quickly on the North American market through relationships with global system integrators within the warehousing and logistics segments. Through OEM relationships with manufacturers such as Psion-Teklogix, PSC, LXE and MA-Systems, JLT becomes a leading vendor for the global forklift market. By 2004 JLT pioneeres the tablet market with its rugged field tablet PC optimized for use in vehicles, and pays the same year the first dividend to shareholders (SEK 3.8M).

JLT pioneers the rugged mobile computer market by introducing the second generation of mobile computers with features like Pentium processors and cold resistance (-20°C). These features are today considered a standard in mobile computers. The vision of a networking organization was created allowing JLT to act globally and to serve large customers, but with the ability to move as fast as a small organization. In 1999 JLT enters the US market with a sales office in Arizona and establishes a strong position with an order from Leica Geosystems. A third generation of vehicle mounted touch-panel PCs is developed, which has evolved and remains the platform for today’s JLT products.

1994 – When it all started!
JLT is founded by Jan Olofsson. His background in military electronics offers JLT great insights for the future market of "Rugged Mobile Computing". JLT provides hardware control systems to the Swedish forest industry.

JLT:Care™ Service Agreement

Maximum Uptime The service agreement gives a guaranteed turn-around time.

Full Security – no questions asked.

Easy handling - optional worldwide pick-up and drop-off service.

Easy administration – 24/7 RMA registration, failure notification and tracking.

Predictable Total Cost of Ownership – fixed cost, 3 or 5 years contract.

Customer case

Route Optimization by Use of Rugged Computers

Lantmännen - the Swedish Farmers Supply and Crop Marketing Association has improved their efficiency by installing rugged PC computers from JLT Mobile Computers in their transportation trucks, showing real time data and giving optimized route information directly to the driver.

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100 000 computers ship world wide

JLT pioneered the rugged computer market, shaping it over the last two decades by instigating and championing a level of design andmanufacturing quality demanded by the leaders in the world’stoughest end-markets. 20+ Years in Business – Because it Works!

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