Wireless networks and rugged PC:s in sawmills


Using high technology for production has increased production capacity

Bodafors Trä AB produces 140,000 cubic meters of sawed products per working shift. More than 60 years of experience in the sawmilling industry has made Bodafors Trä able to fulfil most requirements in the timber business field. High production capacity has been the result of implementing high technology for production and advanced use of IT. This affords Bodafors to be customer oriented and nimble to changing market dynamics all through the process.
In the production Bodafors are using different systems for order handling and pricing information. The WinSaw application is the system used for administration of customer orders, production, warehousing and invoicing. For delivery, updates and information about price and volume contracts over time they use TruckSaw’s application. Volume contracts are used in production planning and deliveries are triggered by weekly suborders and invoices that are related to price contracts. TruckSaw produces loading orders to the forklift drivers promptly which are displayed on the forklift PC. In order to solve logistic problems in the warehouse, Bodafors decided to equip their forklifts with computers and RFID units. One of the requirements from Bodafors was to get a graphical interface for interactive supervision of the different processes. Out of all computer alternatives, Bodafors selected JLT PC’s with 15” displays.

Connectivity of great importance in the widespread areas of a sawmill plant 

Production teams in sawmills strive to achieve maximum raw material utilization and high efficiency. Ensuring that the finished products are of a consistent quality and that the production is profitable are top priorities. When production is based on customer requirements, the sawmills must ensure efficient production of the correct goods and the correct quality. Accuracy is critical to ensure the goods are exactly as ordered and the quality is exactly as specified - not higher or lower. Reliable communication with the staff regarding the details of customer orders is essential, and high standards must be maintained for the information that forklift drivers and workers must have available anywhere in the sawmill plant. Bodafors wireless network of ruggedized computers supplies the employees with correct information to maximize productivity.


Delivering equipment built from ground up to withstand the harsh environments of the forestry industry for over 20 years
Working in forestry and timber operations means working in extremely harsh environments. It takes a special kind of worker with special equipment to get the job done reliably and efficiently, often under tough conditions. More than 20 years ago, JLT Mobile Computers developed a new kind of rugged PC specifically for the forestry industry – it’s where we got our start. Roughly 100,000 rugged computers later, companies big and small have been relying on JLT Mobile Computers for delivering the highest in quality, reliability and performance for enterprise-level computing in harsh environments. Whether it is timber cruising, log scaling, forwarding or milling, we can handle just about anything Mother Nature or workers throw at us at a surprisingly affordable price with global support. Contact us now, for a demonstration and discussion on how you can lower your cost of ownership and increase productivity.


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Customer case

Route Optimization by Use of Rugged Computers

Lantmännen - the Swedish Farmers Supply and Crop Marketing Association has improved their efficiency by installing rugged PC computers from JLT Mobile Computers in their transportation trucks, showing real time data and giving optimized route information directly to the driver.

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