Route optimization by use of rugged computers


Lantmännen - the Swedish Farmers Supply and Crop Marketing Association has improved their efficiency by installing rugged computers from JLT in their transportation trucks, showing real time data and giving optimized driving routes directly to the driver.

Lantmännen’s business model is to provide conditions for profitable arable farming and livestock production and to find a market for the members’ products. Lantmännen markets farming commodities such as seed, fertilizers, plant protection products and feed to animal production. After harvest the crop is delivered to Lantmännen to be stored, refined and sold to flourmills, feed industries, maltsters and distilleries.

An innovative solution for cattle food business
Sensors are mounted in the farmer’s forage silos to collect information about the filling level in the silo. The sensors are connected to a communication terminal which regularly sends measurement values to Lantmännens production system. The information is then encrypted and sent via GPRS/EDGE on supervised connections. When the level in the forage silo is below a certain level, more forage is automatically ordered via Lantmännens production system. This arrangement enables optimal planning of manufacturing and distribution.

Justification for JLT-PC’s in the trucks
Lantmännen has roughly 80 trucks for bulk transports that are equipped with JLT Mobile computers. Actual and latest customer information is displayed and optimized routing information is received on the computer. By using the touch screen, transport reports are sent directly to the business system and invoices are prepared within a few minutes after the delivery is completed. A map engine in combination with GPS and route optimization software shows the optimal route to take.

Specialist companies behind the solution
DataPolarna and IT Instrument Teknik are the developers behind the IT solution. DataPolarna specializes in software for industries, mines, sawmills and carpenters shops. IT Instrument markets instruments for measurements and analysis, scales and some niched solutions for process industry and data communication.

Delivering equipment built from ground up to withstand the harsh environments of the forestry industry for over 20 years
More than 20 years ago, JLT Mobile Computers developed a special kind of rugged PC specifically for the forestry industry
– it’s where we got our start. Roughly 100,000 rugged computers later, companies big and small have been relying on JLT Mobile Computers for delivering the highest in quality, reliability and performance for enterprise-level computing in harsh environments. Whether it is timber cruising, log scaling, forwarding or milling, we can handle just about anything Mother Nature or workers throw at us at a surprisingly affordable price with global support.

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Customer case

Route Optimization by Use of Rugged Computers

Lantmännen - the Swedish Farmers Supply and Crop Marketing Association has improved their efficiency by installing rugged PC computers from JLT Mobile Computers in their transportation trucks, showing real time data and giving optimized route information directly to the driver.

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