Case Studies


Learn how rugged computers are used in tough environments

How the Use of Rugged Computers Increases Farming Efficiency in Precision Agriculture

Steketee Machine Factory was established in 1969 as a developer of weeding and soil cultivation machines. The company is today on the very forefront of the agriculture industry, offering innovative high-tech solutions with unparalleled reliability and market-leading accuracy thanks to integrating their software with rugged computers from JLT Mobile Computers.

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PC:s also in Finland’s thickest forests

In order to optimize the use of the raw material and reduce administration costs, Metsäliitto is using rugged computers for their warehouse systems.

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Wireless networks and rugged PC:s in sawmills

High production capacity has been the result of implementing high technology for production and advanced use of IT

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Route optimization by use of rugged computers

Lantmännen, norra Europas ledande aktör inom lantbruk, maskin, bioenergi och livsmedel, använder stryktåliga datorer från JLT

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