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JLT computers work reliably in the most demanding situations because they are resistant to vibration, shock, temperature changes, electrical interference and more.

This is of vital importance for public safety when using computerised features as an unbroken PC can save lives and a crashed PC vill be a severe obstacle.

A brief survey of common applications in this area:

Pre-hospital care in ambulances
By integrating medicine with IT and telecommunications, the proper treatment can begin right in the ambulance.

If a specialist's help is needed the ambulance will be redirected to the relevant hospital. PC applications can send patient data from ambulances, monitor EKG, respiratory values, blood pressure and other patient data. A diagnosis can be made from the hospital and treatment can begin and surgery can be prepared when the patient is still in the ambulance.
Fire brigades
Time to reach the fire site is reduced if the computer in the fire engine starts to receive data from the alarm central the second a fire alarm goes off. Electronic maps can be sent and the driver gets instructions to find the best way to the fire site. Via satellite link, the computer can get building designs with graphical information about explosive and other dangerous goods. Getting building design usually takes minutes - information which can save many firemen's lives.

Rescue vehicles
Imagine driving in fog or a blizzard where visibility is barely a foot in front of you. GPS navigation is invaluable in blizzards and bad weather. The computer will display a map and give driving instructions both in voice and graphics using digital maps. It will warn for height differences, rocks etc. In JLT computers mounted in rescue vehicles, information type of applications facilitates aid during natural disasters like floods, blizzards, earthquakes and avalanches as well as during motor sport events where accidents can occur.

A rugged computer in tough situations can save lives. Using a standard laptop for critical applications might reduce the initial investment in hardware but jeopardize both lives and vehicles.

Instant access to databases of images and information of known criminals, stolen goods, fingerprints, car owners enables the police to work faster and better. JLT mobile PC:s gives such applications direct access to all these services from a police car, security transport or even a motorcycle. Our computers are built for the most demanding situations - resistant to vibration, shock, temperature change, electrical interference and even some bullet proof solutions.
Catching the "Bad guys"
Wireless image transmission allows data and pictures of criminals to be sent to every unit from computers in police cars in a matter of seconds. Using geographic information and wireless communication, car chases may be planned to save innocent victims.

Voice control on motorcycles
Our computers can even be used on motorcycles with the same functions as our models for cars. Motorcycle computers are extremely small to fit on the bike, nevertheless containing enhanced features like voice-recognition control. They can endure torrential rain and are perfectly viewable also in direct sunlight.
Road tracking for security and prisoner transport
Applications in JLT computers linked to satellites provide tracking of roads and alternative road choices. The driver will know long before anything happens if the road is
blocked or if there are other suspect problems. New possibilities with road tracking offer a tremendous increase in security. The driver can often see trouble coming up a long way ahead and can therefore choose another road and avoid potentially disastrous problems.

Public safety workers broke ground long ago on getting computers out in the field. Vehicle-mounted notebooks are an expected part of a police vehicle nowadays. But that innovation continues with rugged PDAs for tracking patient data, rugged tablets for navigating unfamiliar routes, mobile or parking citations, and pre-planning for fire departments. Whether it is for Fire, Police, EMS or other areas of public safety we can provide you with the form factor and features for top performance.

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